Holy Style

Our philosophy

Holy style: Everything is prepared fresh and we only use local ingredients and organic beef. Holy Burger combines an urban way of life with a healthy and evironmentally-conscious diet fast food can do that too!. We exclusively work with organic and fresh beef from the Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten which we mince and prepare diligently multiple times a day at Holy Burger organic is simply part of the deal. Furthermore, creative architecture with natural materials and a relaxing spatial concept with handmade furniture ensures that every visit to Holy Burger is something to remember.


The first Holy Burger restaurant opened 2013 in Munich.  At Holy Burger we produce fresh organic burgers daily, made from the best ingredients. At the moment there are more than 20 employees working in munich preparing exceptional organic and veggie burgers that our guests will never forget. Since the beginning the founders have been constantly optimising and improving on their concept the results can now be seen in South Germany in the form of a big expansion and numerous delighted customers.


Sustainability means thinking about future generations. Sustainability is one of the most important topics in our contemporary society. We believe only businesses that combine economic success with a responsible outlook and philosophy will be able to establish themselves in the long term. Responsibility is a big word that we take very seriously, and we take it forwards into our interactions with our guests, suppliers and employees as well as when we consider our impact on the environment and on our society.

Organic sources

Less is more. Less meat but from a controlled organic source, less prestigious parts like fillet but less known, delicious parts, less pre-processed products and a sensible purchasing policy of ingredients that we actually need (quality, not quantity). Good food doesn´t necessarily need more time or more effort. A culinary experience can boost our zest for life and the value of a healthy diet is well known. By the way: according to German law, you don´t have to say whether the animals meat, milk and eggs you eat have been fed with genetically modified food, but with our suppliers on the other hand you can be sure that they have not. Good to know, right?